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Plants of Interest (December)

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Cornus Midwinter Fire (Dogwood) – This deciduous shrub has oval mid-green leaves and produces small, creamy white flowers in May –June, however the flowers are not the star of this plant.  This plant stays true to its name slowly revealing brilliant flame coloured stems as the leaves fall away.  Shoots begin a magnificent yellow-orange shade, with the tops turning brilliant red as the season goes on, giving the shrub a flaming look, perfect for bringing a burst of colour to Winter gardens.  You can use the orange-red stems for an indoor arrangement or even spray gold for a festive look.  Best in full sun, but will tolerate partial shade.

Cyclamen – Easy and rewarding houseplants, providing you with intense colours including Pink, Red, White. Dual-coloured cyclamen and frilly cyclamen also available. Ensure they are kept in a cool spot that is brightly-lit, but avoid direct sun. Allow to dry out between watering and water from below.

Poinsettia – Known as the Christmas flower and a perfect decoration for your house. Place in a bright spot, but avoid direct sunlight. Keep Poinsettias at a minimum temperature of 15*C, avoiding sudden temperature drops and keep away from draughts. Water until moist, waiting until the compost is moderately dry before watering again. The red Poinsettia seems to be the most popular, but a range of coloured, white and pink are also available.