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National Gardening Week Monday 26 April to Sunday 2 May 2021

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National Gardening Week (27th April – 2nd May)

  • There are countless ways to get your daily dose of Vitamin G during National Gardening Week and beyond…
  • National Gardening Week is the nation’s biggest celebration of gardening and raises awareness of the difference that gardens and gardening can make to the lives of everyone in the UK. It inspires more people, particularly the next generation of gardeners, to experience the joy of growing and creating beautiful green spaces.
  • With millions more people rediscovering the uplifting power of plants and gardening over the last year, the RHS wants to inspire everyone to keep growing and enjoying green spaces. Connecting with nature is vital for our wellbeing, and it’s easier than you think to get a daily dose of Vitamin G!
  • As we use our garden even more this year, now is the right time to get creative and experiment with plants and colour.
  • Even if National Gardening Week has passed, you can still do all of the below!

Deadhead Flowering Plants & Trim Lawn Edges

We have a range of Secateurs to help you deadhead your plants, along with gloves to keep your hands clean. A range of Tub Trugs are available to gather all the deadheads together to save you walking back and forth! We also sell a range of edging shears, perfect for preparing your lawn before cutting.

The RHS says… Regular deadheading and timely pinching of flowering and growing plants can help to keep them flowering all summer – for more joy through the whole season!

Neaten the edges of your lawn by cutting back grass to define borders and to keep grass off paths.

Why is this a wellbeing boost? Because this is a routine task that doesn’t demand a lot of concentration, it can induce a ‘flow’ state. Your focus on the task creates a sense of escapism and enjoyment, which boredom and fatigue cannot interfere with. You’ll lose yourself in the moment.

Once you have finished with the lawn, the results are instant and can make a huge difference to your garden, leading to a well-deserved sense of satisfaction.





Clear Up & Sweep Out Sheds, Paths & Patios

Is your shed as clean as it could be? Do you have your shed as organised as you would like it? Can you get to everything in your shed easily? Not got a brush – Look no further, we have a wide range of sweeping brushes available to help you on your way! Once you have swept your shed, why not sweep your paths and patios?

The RHS says… Now is a great time to clear out sheds, as your gardening tools will only be used more and more in the months to come. Sweep your paths and patios, and then use an old knife to remove weeds in between slabs to make the area look its best.

Why is this a wellbeing boost? A spring clean can be good for the mind and body. Work methodically around the shed and garden. Bring your attention to your physical movements. For example, the stretching and pulling of a brush or broom will maintain a focus on rhythm.

Sow Speedy Annuals

Looking at what to plant in your garden this year? Why not sow some annuals into Seed Trays to plant out at a later date?

The RHS says… Sow nasturtiums, calendula, cornflowers and other seeds in pots, borders or in cell trays, ready to plant out later.

Why is this a wellbeing boost? Sowing seeds can have a wonderful, rhythmic and methodical movement to it. Whether you’re sowing in pots or borders, the process might totally absorb you, or you might reflect on all the potential these humble seeds hold within them.





Repot Pot-Bound Plants and Replace Old Compost from Pots

We have a selection of Glazed, Terracotta or Plastic pots, perfect for transforming that pot-bound plant. Replacing old compost has never been easier with the range of compost we have available, including Peat Free.

The RHS says… Either replant in a larger container after teasing out the roots, or cut away one third of the roots (you can compost these) and then place the plant back in the same pot with fresh compost.

Replace the top 5cm of potting compost from container plants you don’t intend to repot. You can always add some slow release fertiliser at the same time too.

Why is this a wellbeing boost? Put yourself in another’s shoes (or pot!) Imagine that your plant may be feeling what we feel when easing out of lockdown – liberation, trepidation, and the need for some adjustments.

Take a moment to reflect on how you’re feeling. What is still working for you, and what, like the old compost, needs refreshing and a top up?





Sow Delicious Herbs

Struggling for space? Our Windowsill Herb Planters are the perfect solution to sow your herb seeds into. Maybe Mint to add to your lamb dishes or Basil to add to salads, sandwiches or soups?

The RHS says… Sow basil, coriander, parsley, dill, chervil and other herbs now. Sow them in cell trays to plant out later, or sow directly into borders and tubs. Once germinated and growing well, make sure they’re planted in full sun for the best flavour and keep your herbs near the back door, great for convenience when you’re cooking.

Why is this a wellbeing boost? You’ll have new flavours to add to your food and herbal fragrances to enjoy.





Grow Salads & Root Crops

There is nothing better than growing your own and then enjoying it fresh from your own garden or allotment. From Lettuce to Onions and Beetroot to Carrots. We have a great range of Salad & Vegetables already partly grown to aid you, or a selection of seeds instead.

The RHS says… Sown now, lettuces, radishes, salad onions, spinach and rocket will yield fresh salad in just a few weeks in sunny borders or tubs.

Why is this a wellbeing boost? Growing your own and seeing the humble seeds you have sown becoming delicious fresh produce is hugely satisfying. You’ll need to be patient waiting for the crops to grow, but the reward is in tasting your home-grown salad.





Plant Hanging Baskets / Window Boxes

We have a great range of plants that are suitable for planting up your own Hanging Baskets or Window Boxes, including the favourites of Fuchsia, Geranium, Petunia and much more. But be sure to keep them in heated conditions until the risk of frost has passed.

The RHS says… Plant hanging baskets with the lovely trailing plants, such as trailing pelargoniums, petunia, Calibrachoa and lobelia.

When planting your window box, choose some weeping summer flowers (such as petunia), some upright plants (such as fuchsias) and some foliage plants (euonymus for example).

Why is this a wellbeing boost? Seeing brightly coloured flowers can perk up your mood. Add some hanging baskets to the front of your home and you can share the joy with your neighbours too.





Observe the Birds

We have everything you need to keep our feathered friends happy and returning to your garden, from Bird Tables and Bird Baths to bags of Seed and Suet Balls.

The RHS says… Watch and listen to the birds in your garden or local green space. The best time is early morning when you can catch the dawn chorus too.

Why is this a wellbeing boost? Sitting still, eliminating distractions, and focusing on bird song is often restorative, while watching their behaviour can be quite entertaining.






Bring the Outside In

Our houseplant department is perfect for selecting the perfect plant to bring inside and brighten up your home. We have the firm favourites, or some unusual and rare ones. Our stock changes weekly, so keep checking back! Why not follow our Houseplant Instagram page @deansindoorjungleyork

The RHS says… If you’re working from home, add a green, leafy houseplant to your desk or near your work area.

Why is this a wellbeing boost? Studies show introducing greenery to your surroundings can reduce stress, increase productivity and attention span, and improve reaction speed!





Switch Off & Relax and Green Up your Day-to-day

Sitting and relaxing in your garden is perfect. Check out this sunny morning picture taken the other day, a perfect start to the day, and ensuring you get your Vitamin D fix, but don’t forget about your Vitamin G (Green) fix! Send us in your morning garden scenes.

The RHS says… Spend 10 minutes outdoors with your favourite beverage. Sit yourself down, put your phone away, and admire the view around you. Perhaps the simplest way to get your dose of Vitamin G!

Think about how you can connect with nature in your day-to-day activities – could you walk or cycle through the park on the way to the shops, have lunch al fresco or do a workout in the garden?

Why is this a wellbeing boost? Turn off autopilot – take five deep, intentional breaths, bringing your attention to your bodily senses and the view around you. With only small adjustments to your normal routine, you can have the opportunity to enjoy and embrace the greenery around you.