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Outdoor Plants


We carry a large and changing range of Alpine plants throughout the year available in a selection of sizes.





We have a wonderful collection of evergreen and deciduous climbers available all year round from Clematis to Wisteria.





We have a great range of conifers including varieties suitable for rockeries, containers & hedging, which can be used for all year round colour.





We offer a good range of heathers throughout the year including Erica and Calluna varieties.




herbaceous-perennialsHerbaceous Perennials

We have a wide range of perennial plant varieties such as Iris, Delphinium, Peonies, Hosta & hardy Geraniums. The majority of our perennials are home grown at our nursery.





From early spring to autumn we stock a great range of herbs which are easy to grow.





We carry a fantastic range of all the popular types and varieties of roses – Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Patio, Climbing, Groundcover & Standard throughout most of the year.





We have a huge range of evergreen and deciduous shrubs available all year round to suit any garden. Our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to give advice.





We have a large range of ornamental and fruit trees available between September & April in various rootstocks which determine how big they will grow.