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Children’s Gardening

To help encourage younger gardeners, we stock a variety of items that are specifically designed with children in mind, such as brightly coloured gardening tools and accessories suitable for children aged 3-7 years old.

Get growing with our Suttons ‘Fun to Grow’ fruit and vegetable seeds, easy to grow and specially designed for 4-7 year olds. In season we also stock a range of bulbs, herbs, fruit and vegetable plants that are also easy to grow.

In our gift area, we sell a range of books, toys and games perfect to keep little ones entertained.

For information or advice about children’s gardening or please ask one of our friendly staff members in the Garden Centre.


Dean’s want to encourage Yorkshire’s next generation of gardeners and we think our centres are a great place to bring the family and inspire budding youngsters.

Did you know we already offer schools a 10% discount on the majority of items we sell providing all invoices are paid within 30 days. Also if you are building a new school garden or working on a particular gardening project, we may also be able to offer a contribution towards this. Please contact us for further details.

Activity Downloads & Competitions

Children’s Weather Diary

Why not start a weather diary, each day recording what happens throughout the week. Why not compare it to the weather forecast on television, is it the same or was it very different? To download a copy of our weather diary click on the link below. You could also a plastic cup outside in your garden to see how much rainfall there has been.

Weather Diary