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Plant of the Month

Viburnum Tinus
(Common Name – Winter Viburnum)
A medium to large evergreen, hardy and robust shrub available in lots of interesting varieties. Clusters of white and pink tinged budded flowers are produced continuously from late Autumn to early Spring. After flowering blue-black berries are produced. Grows in most soil types and is tolerant of shade.

Other plants of interest for November

Sarcococca Confusa
A low growing evergreen shrub that is heavily scented and produces black berries and creamy-white flowers in Winter. Will grow in all types of soil and is especially happy in chalk or clay. Sarcococca is highly tolerant in the shade.

Helleborous Niger
(Common Name – Double Flowered Christmas Rose)
This perennial was first released in 2008. It produces double white flowers in late Winter and early Spring. Best planted in semi shade. Can grow to approximately 20-24cm high and can spread 45-60cm.

(Variety pictured – Jelly King)
A fantastic vigorous, but compact crab apple tree, providing pink-orange fruit. White blossoms cover the tree in Spring. Can grow to approx 4 metres tall after 10 years.

 Leucothoe Curly Red
A low growing evergreen shrub that produces curled, glossy leaves which start off red when young, then turning green and red again during the Winter months. Prefers moist, well-drained soil in a shady position but can be tolerant in a variety of positions.