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Create a Buzz in the Garden with Bee Friendly Plants

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Sadly, bees are in decline all over the world due to habitat loss and the use of toxic pesticides. We rely heavily on our busy, buzzy friends , with an estimated 70% of the world’s agriculture relying on them for the pollination of crops.

We can all help save bees from decline and one of the easiest ways to do so, is to create a bee friendly garden using a range of pollen and nectar rich plants. Here a just a few of the many bee-friendly plants available:

Known for its wonderful scent and attractive purple flowers, this hardy, fragrant herb attracts bees like a magnet and provides nectar throughout the spring and summer.

Probably the most popular flower in the garden, with a huge array of colours and varieties to choose from, these pollen-rich flowers are not only attractive to bees but add a great splash of colour to the garden and if you’re short on space, some varieties can even be grown in containers.

These come in many different forms such as pompon, cactus and colorette which do attract bees, however the best type to choose, would be the single flower types. These varieties have less petals, and are easier for the bees to reach the reproductive parts of the flower that contain pollen and nectar.

There are also a range of bee habitats available (mainly at our York branch) that are designed for solitary bees, which are ideal to locate in your garden as a safe haven that they can return to year after year.


We also stock Woodlodge Bee Pots which are available in various sizes and colours and a contribution for each pot sold is donated to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.