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How to choose and care for a Real Christmas Tree

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How do I choose the right tree?

Real trees offer variety in both shape and size, which means you can find the perfect one to suit your home. Before choosing your tree, measure the space in your home, remembering that if you are also using a tree stand, this will
add to the overall height. If your tree doesn’t quite fit into the corner of your room, try trimming some of the branches off on one side of the tree.

The most common types of tree are:

  • Nordman Fir – Soft, dark green foliage with great needle
    retention has made this the UK’s most popular Christmas tree
  • Norway Spruce – Regarded as a traditional tree, it is pyramid
    in shape and smells delightful
  • Fraser Fir – Leaner in shape with denser foliage
  • Blue Spruce – An elegant tree with natural blue foliage

How do I care for my tree?

Keep your tree well-watered. If your tree has roots, ensure you keep the soil moist. If your tree is ‘cut’ it can be stored in a bucket of water until you are ready to bring it inside and place in a tree stand. To help keep your tree looking fresh, place away from direct heat such as open fires and radiators and keep the container topped up with water daily.

How do I dispose of my tree?

If your tree has roots and you have looked after it during the festive season, you can plant it in January and care for it through the year to enjoy again next Christmas. Alternatively, you can dispose of your tree in a variety of environmentally friendly ways. Many councils organise collections and drop off points for used Christmas trees (search online for one near you) and real trees can be used for chippings.