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Plant of the Month

Helleborus Rodney Davey Collection
(Variety Pictured – Cheryl’s Shine)
NORMAL PRICE – £12.99 
(Offer starts Friday 1st February to Thursday 28th February 2019)
An amazing selection of Hellebores, with stunning foliage and flower colour in Late Winter and Early Spring. A range of flower colours from pinks, reds and white all with marbled foliage. Best planted in groups within a shaded area and planted in fertile, humus rich soil.

Other plants of interest for February

Galanthus Nivalis
(Common Name – Snowdrop)
A Spring bulb that provides beautiful pendant arching white flowers in Late Winter to Mid-Spring. For best effects plant in groups within grass or woodland. Plant in soil that does not dry out in Summer.

Narcissus “Tete A Tete”
(Common Name – Daffodil)
A Spring bulb that provides flowers in Late Winter to Early Spring. Ideal to plant in between shrubs, in a border or in a planted container. Can also look stunning within a rock garden.

Common Name – Witch Hazel)
(Variety Pictured – Intermedia Jelena)
A shrub which is grown for its colour and fragrant spider shaped flowers in Winter. They are ideal as a specimen plant. Best planted in acid to neutral soil in full sun or partial shade.

Spring Flowering Bulbs
A wide selection of Spring flowering bulbs, including Iris, Hyacinth, Muscari, Tulip, Crocus, Alium and Narcissi. Perfect for brightening up containers, borders and gardens,

(Variety Pictured – Ruby Wedding)

An evergreen shrub that bournes flowers in Late Winter and Early Spring. Whites, pinks, reds or yellows in a range of flower forms; single, double, anemone or peony.  Camellias thrive in full sun and once established plant in an acidic soil.